• Tom Kline Shanin Specter Andrew Stern Lee Balefsky David Caputo Andrew Youman Amy Guth Charles Becker Michael Smerconish Lisa Dagostino Michelle Tiger
    Garabet Zakeosian Mark Polin Dominic Guerrini Michael Trunk Regan Safier Geary Yeisley Kila Baldwin David Williams David Inscho James Waldenberger Suzanne dePillis
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  • $109 Million
    Largest Verdict in a Personal Injury case
    in Pennsylvania history

  • $100 Million
    Medical Malpractice
    Largest-ever compensatory verdict

  • $153 Million
    Then-second largest Product
    Liability verdict in U.S. history

  • $38.2 Million
    Delaware County
    Auto Accident Verdict

  • $36.4 Million
    Workplace Injury
    Largest single-victim fatality settlement

  • $51 Million
    Premises Liability/
    Civil Rights verdict

Whistleblower Attorneys

Whistleblower cases involving fraud or corruption against government programs and agencies can be complex and difficult endeavors. An attorney experienced in these matters can help ease the process and ensure a just reward for courageous citizens who undertake whistleblower actions.

Kline & Specter, P.C., has some 30 highly skilled attorneys, a number of whom have worked as government prosecutors and have won major verdicts and settlements. The firm provides free case evaluations in assisting average citizens with the complexities of whistleblower cases, also known as qui tam actions.

If you or someone you know has information of false or fraudulent claims filed with the government, you may qualify as a whistleblower and should contact a whistleblower attorney today!

In whistleblower cases, it is critical to file lawsuits as quickly as possible. The government applies a “first to file” rule, meaning that the first person who brings a qui tam suit – and only the first person – is entitled to the government reward, which can reach millions of dollars.

Kline & Specter currently represents clients in a number of U.S. False Claims Act cases filed under seal in courts around the country as well as clients with claims filed under the Internal Revenue Service’s whistleblower program. Our qui tam cases involve fraud on government programs, including, but not limited to, schemes by large health care companies and institutions to defraud Medicare and Medicaid.
To learn more, visit our whistleblower site at www.attorneysforwhistleblowers.com or contact a qui tam lawyer for a no cost/no obligation review of your potential case.

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