How safe are amusement parks, roller coasters, and carnival rides?

Now that the warm weather is upon us, many people will be visiting amusement parks, carnivals, boardwalk piers, theme parks, and state fairs. Unfortunately, if the rides or attractions are not maintained or operated properly, it can lead to accidents causing severe injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, brain bleeds, amputations, spinal cord injuries, vertebral artery dissections or even death.

Inspection reports of Pennsylvania amusement parks, water parks and attractions to become more user-friendly when looking for information about ride accidents, injuries and safety data

Inspection reports on Pennsylvania amusement parks and carnival rides will have a more user-friendly database before the start of next year's carnival season, vows Michael Pechart, executive deputy secretary of the state Agricultural Department. According to news reports, amusement park visitors will, hopefully by Spring 2014, be able to go online and access inspection reports on amusement park and carnival ride attractions in the state of Pennsylvania.