Recent Tesla Crashes Call Autopilot into Question

Tesla Car CrashSelf-driving cars seem to promise a safer future on our roadways by eliminating the risk of human error. However, the recent death of a driver in a Tesla car using the Autopilot feature calls the safety of self-driving cars into question.

Millions More Takata Airbag Vehicles Recalled

Takata Airbags RecalledThe recall of Takata Airbags has been expanded to nearly 70 million U.S. vehicles and 100 million vehicles worldwide. In the United States only about eight million airbags have been replaced so far. Officials are prioritizing states with hot and humid climates that make the devices more prone to rupture.

Olin Corp. issues warning about rifle that injured father and daughter on hunting trip

The case involves an allegedly faulty rifle manufactured by Olin Corp. which in a 2009 hunting accident in Indiana County, Pa., resulted in a man having his right leg amputated and his then-10-year-old daughter losing part of a finger. Kline & Specter represents Wayne and A.T. Trask in a lawsuit claiming that the Winchester Model 94 rifle made by Olin Corp. was defective and should have contained a warning to users about a flaw that resulted in its firing when dropped.

Punitive damages allowed in case against gun manufacturer

A federal judge has allowed punitive damages to go forward in Kline & Specter’s case against Olin Corp., the manufacturer of a rifle the law firm claims is defective and resulted in injuries to a father and daughter while on a hunting trip in rural Pennsylvania. Previously, U.S.

Vaginal mesh trial begins

Opening speeches are due to get underway tomorrow in courtroom 246 in City Hall in the first Philadelphia trial involving a device surgically implanted in women to treat organ prolapse, a device called transvaginal mesh. The case involves the Prolift made by Ethicon, Inc., a division of Johnson & Johnson.

Common workplace injuries

About three million workplace injuries occur each year, with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration reporting about 4,500 workplace deaths occur from sudden traumatic injuries. Some occupations inherently have a higher rate of employee injury and death than others; government statistics show that construction workers have the highest risk of suffering a workplace injury.

Power morcellators spread uterine cancer

A gynecological tool called a power morcellator has been found to spread cancer during routine laparoscopic hysterectomies and myomectomies, or fibroid tumor removal.

The morcellator cuts through uterine tissue to allow it to be easily removed through a small incision in the abdomen. During this procedure, however, previously undetected cancer cells, specifically uterine sarcomas, can be spread throughout the abdomen and pelvic area.