PICC Lines Can Cause Infections and Injuries if Not Placed Properly

PICC lines are used to provide long term intravenous access to administer IV medications, fluids, electrolytes or antibiotics. The lines are placed by doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners who must be aware of the potential dangers these central lines can cause. If complications are not diagnosed and treated properly, serious injury or even death could result.

What are superbugs?

Nearly a century ago, and completely by accident, we were blessed by the discovery of antibiotics. These new drugs could be used to combat a large number of bacterial infections. However, over the years and with constant use, these wonder drugs have caused new mutations of bacteria to emerge. These new strains of bacteria are resistant to antibiotics and can cause severe injury and even death if they are not found quickly.

Proper treatment of sepsis in emergency rooms improves survival rate.

 The recent Early Sepsis Prophylaxis Study determined that using four clinical goals in emergency rooms reduced the death rate in sepsis patients. The study, by medical staff at North Shore University Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York, listed the sepsis bundle emergency room treatment as: