Bowel perforation, delayed diagnosis could spell medical negligence

A bowel or colon perforation is a serious surgical complication that can result in lifelong pain and suffering or death if not addressed immediately. Bowel perforation is a risk with some surgical procedures including colonoscopy, laparoscopic procedures, hysterectomy, appendectomy, and other abdominal operations. It can also occur spontaneously due to a ruptured diverticulum, Crohn’s disease, or another underlying intestinal problem.

Radiology Malpractice

The radiology department at a hospital or medical center is responsible for administering high-energy radiation tests and treatments. Radiologists are medical doctors who, according to the American College of Radiologists, must complete at least 13 years of training and schooling before achieving board-certification.

IV Infiltration Can Cause Nerve Damage, Burns or Amputation

An IV or intravenous catheter is inserted into a vein to administer fluids, electrolytes, medications, blood products, antibiotics, lipids, or nutrition directly into the bloodstream. If the catheter becomes dislodged or moves out of the vein, the fluid that was being infused through it could now leak into surrounding tissue. When that occurs, it is called an IV infiltration.

PICC Lines Can Cause Infections and Injuries if Not Placed Properly

PICC lines are used to provide long term intravenous access to administer IV medications, fluids, electrolytes or antibiotics. The lines are placed by doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners who must be aware of the potential dangers these central lines can cause. If complications are not diagnosed and treated properly, serious injury or even death could result.

What to do if your baby has Erb’s palsy

Erb’s palsy is a nerve injury that can occur during birth when the nerves in a baby’s upper arm are stretched, torn or damaged. Many babies with Erb’s palsy cannot move their arms or shoulders and some babies are unable to move their hands or fingers. 

Unfavorable Results as a Form of Medical Malpractice

Are Unfavorable Results a Form of Medical Malpractice All medical procedures come with some level of accepted risk. Unfavorable results may be one of these. However, not achieving ideal results does not automatically indicate negligence. Sometimes, even tragic outcomes are simply unavoidable.

Head disfigurement injury brings record verdict

The incident occurred almost five and a half years ago when a doctor at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center in Johnstown wrapped a child’s head with ACE Bandages to treat swelling after she was born prematurely. The procedure, said the doctor, John O. Chan, was something he had learned during his medical training in the Philippines. It went horribly wrong. The unusual procedure left the child with a deformed scalp and unable to grow hair on most of her head.