Public Transit: safety should be a top priority

Many people trust public transportation to get them to their destinations inexpensively, efficiently and—most importantly—safely. Tragically, on the morning of September 29, 2016 that trust was broken when a New Jersey Transit (NJT) rush-hour commuter train barreled into Hoboken Station at more than twice the speed limit. More than 100 people were injured and one person was killed. Fabiola Bittar de Kroon, a 34-year-old attorney, was standing on the train platform when she was crushed by falling debris from a partial collapse of the terminal.

Recent Tesla Crashes Call Autopilot into Question

Tesla Car CrashSelf-driving cars seem to promise a safer future on our roadways by eliminating the risk of human error. However, the recent death of a driver in a Tesla car using the Autopilot feature calls the safety of self-driving cars into question.

Millions More Takata Airbag Vehicles Recalled

Takata Airbags RecalledThe recall of Takata Airbags has been expanded to nearly 70 million U.S. vehicles and 100 million vehicles worldwide. In the United States only about eight million airbags have been replaced so far. Officials are prioritizing states with hot and humid climates that make the devices more prone to rupture.

Failure to diagnose a vertebral artery dissection can lead to stroke

The vertebral arteries are blood vessels located on each side of your neck that supply blood and oxygen to your brain. A vertebral artery dissection occurs when there is a tear or slit in the artery and it allows blood to leak out of the vessel. After the blood oozes out it starts to form a blood clot or hematoma. If the blood continues to leak into the neck, the blood clot can continue to increase in size and eventually compresses the artery.

Parents: Take responsibility for your teen drivers

Our Pennsylvania accident attorneys understand that the day your teenager receives his or her driver's license is a milestone for that young person as well as for you as a parent.

But the very real danger that teen drivers pose to themselves and the people with whom they share the roads means a parent's responsibility for a child's transportation is far from over once that teen gets behind the wheel.

Hit and run pedestrian accidents in Philadelphia

Two separate hit-and-run accidents involving pedestrians have left a four-year-old boy dead and a mother and her young son critically hurt in Philadelphia. Both incidents happened last night, with the fatal accident occurring in Southwest Philadelphia and the second injuring a young mother and her two-year-old son as they were crossing the street in the city’s Fairhill section. In both cases, the drivers of the vehicles fled the scene. Police are investigating. 

Is the ET-Plus Highway Guardrail System Safe?

A fatal auto accident last year in Missouri along with a massive federal jury verdict in Texas have heightened the national debate about the safety of the ET-Plus highway guardrail system. A recent study found that the ET-Plus design was nearly four times more likely to be involved in a fatal auto accident than other designs. Citing safety concerns, the Missouri Department of Transportation has suspended further installation of the ET-Plus guardrail system, manufactured by Trinity Industries. To date, 40 states have suspended installation of ET-Plus systems.

Trinity Industry’s Highway Guardrail sales suspended after whistleblower trial

Trinity Industries, an industrial manufacturing company based in Dallas, has halted shipments of its ET-Plus highway guardrail system following reports of deaths and injuries over allegedly faulty design changes. A federal whistleblower recently charged Trinity with changing the design of its guardrail system without informing regulators until several years later. The whistleblower case led to a $175 million jury verdict that could be tripled by a federal judge. The design change was made to the end caps of the guardrail system.