Bowel perforation, delayed diagnosis could spell medical negligence

A bowel or colon perforation is a serious surgical complication that can result in lifelong pain and suffering or death if not addressed immediately. Bowel perforation is a risk with some surgical procedures including colonoscopy, laparoscopic procedures, hysterectomy, appendectomy, and other abdominal operations. It can also occur spontaneously due to a ruptured diverticulum, Crohn’s disease, or another underlying intestinal problem.

Explosion Injury Attorneys

Explosion Injury Lawyer | New Jersey | Kline & SpecterOn Saturday, July 7th, a couple in Newfield, NJ was killed following a natural gas explosion in their home. The victims of this tragic accident had installed a stove the day before the explosion, but there is no evidence as of yet to tie that installation to the explosion.

3 Common Misconceptions About Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice lawsuits are generally lengthy and complicated legal cases. For the average lay person, they can seem shrouded in mystery, and many common misconceptions about medical malpractice cases have arisen over the years.

At Kline & Specter, PC, we want to help our clients understand their legal rights and pursue the right course of action for their families. Here we address three of the most common misconceptions about medical malpractice cases.

Power line settlement largest-ever for Ohio injury case

The largest settlement of a personal injury case in Ohio history came recently with Kline & Specter attorneys serving as co-counsel.

The litigation involved a 12-year-old girl suffering catastrophic injuries when she came into contact with a downed power line. The line had fallen in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and remained downed and energized for days despite several calls to the power company.

Suit filed over power line death in Easton

Kline & Specter has filed suit in a wrongful death case reminiscent of the litigation for which he won a $109 million for the family of a woman killed by a fallen power line in suburban Pittsburgh. That case involved Carrie Goretzka, who was struck by a line that fell in the yard adjacent to her home. The latest case claimed the life of Thomas Poynton, Jr. on the other side of the state, in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Newspaper examines food allergy lawsuits

Peanuts, seafood, gluten – they are all foods that have attracted heightened awareness in recent years among restaurant owners for causing allergic reactions and health sensitivities. And when serious injuries result, what follows is often a lawsuit.

Kline & Specter Leads The Way

Kline & Specter led all law firms with the most large verdicts and settlements in Pennsylvania, according to the latest report by PaLaw released this week. Kline & Specter had five of the Top 50 – all five being jury verdicts – and with four results in the Top 25.