Tom Kline named co-liaison counsel for Risperdal cases

Tom Kline has been named co-liaison counsel by the Court of Common Pleas for Philadelphia for the coordinated litigation involving the drug Risperdal. The anti-psychotic pharmaceutical has been linked to abnormal breast growth in males, including children, adolescents and adults, a condition called gynocomastia. The coordinated litigation in Philadelphia includes about 400 cases. Kline & Specter is serving as lead counsel for a large majority of those cases, joining with the law firm Sheller, PC, which pioneered the Risperdal litigation.

Kline Specter leading Risperdal cases

Kline & Specter is a leader in litigation involving the anti-psychotic drug Risperdal, which has been linked to abnormal breast development in male children, adolescents and adults, a condition known as gynecomastia. The ailment, caused by an increase in the hormone prolactin, can often be painful and is irreversible. It can only be treated by surgery to remove the growth. Kline & Specter is currently representing more than 250 clients in lawsuits already filed in court and is investigating more than 100 other possible claims.