Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit?

Wrongful Death Losing a loved one is among the most traumatic events that a family can endure. When the loss is caused by the negligence of someone else, the family is often left with questions, confusion, and a strong desire for justice.

Death from Medical Care: Third Leading Cause of US Deaths

new study by patient safety researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine published recently showed that the third leading cause of death in the United States is now medical errors. These medical mistakes claim 251,000 lives and account for 9.5 percent of all deaths each year in the United States.

How one tragedy spurred a life-saving public safety shift

Some law firms get their clients reasonable compensation for a personal injury. But not all lawyers are mindful of the broader social impact in the form of policy changes, product improvements, infrastructure repairs or medical device advanced that can result from their work.

Trinity Industry’s Highway Guardrail sales suspended after whistleblower trial

Trinity Industries, an industrial manufacturing company based in Dallas, has halted shipments of its ET-Plus highway guardrail system following reports of deaths and injuries over allegedly faulty design changes. A federal whistleblower recently charged Trinity with changing the design of its guardrail system without informing regulators until several years later. The whistleblower case led to a $175 million jury verdict that could be tripled by a federal judge. The design change was made to the end caps of the guardrail system.

Huge verdict in school bus death case

 A case of breaking the rules resulted in a huge verdict in a Maryland courtroom recently. It involved the death of a teenager who was struck by a car as she crossed the street to get to her school bus in the early days of the school year in September 2009. In a wrongful death lawsuit, her family blamed the school district for failing to provide required safe transportation, specifically for violating a school policy that students be picked up on the side of the street on which they live.