Posted: April 18, 2016

 Philadelphia Common Pleas Court has added roughly $1.3 million to the $10.1 million verdict that Andy Stern and Elizabeth Crawford won last November in a late diagnosed meningitis case. Delay damages are interest that begin to accrue starting one year after a lawsuit is filed. The case involved an 11-month-old child, Shamir Tillery, who was taken by his mother for treatment at the emergency room of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Doctors there diagnosed an upper respiratory infection and Shamir was sent home with little treatment. He was returned to the ER the next day when his condition worsened but, again, he was sent home after treatment for a presumed respiratory ailment. As symptoms grew progressively worse, Shamir was finally tested on a third day for bacterial meningitis. Unfortunately, the diagnosis came too late and, by the time he was given antibiotics to combat the infection, Shamir had suffered irreversible neurological damage.