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A woman is killed in a fall from a Texas roller coaster. A six-year-old boy is killed in a ride accident at a Pennsylvania carnival. A three-year-old girl suffers fatal head injuries on a ride at an amusement park in Las Vegas. A 57-year-old woman is killed and a four-year-old girl left paralyzed after a miniature train derails and overturns at an Indiana amusement park. A boy dies in a fall from a Ferris wheel in New Jersey

These were all real events, and many more like them occur every year all across the United States. Accidents at amusement parks and on rides at carnivals and other sites result in an alarming number of injuries – an average of roughly 9,000 per year, according to estimates by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

If you or someone you know suffered a severe injury on an amusement ride, you may want to contact an amusement park attorney for a free evaluation of your case. You may have grounds for an amusement park lawsuit.

While many of the injures are minor and result in little more than scrapes and bruises, many others are very serious. An average of 4.5 per year result in death.

A number of the mishaps and resulting injuries are no doubt at least partly the fault of reckless riders, but many others are caused by negligence including defective machinery or careless ride operators.

Many of the accidents result in amusement park lawsuits, with the amusement park and ride owners eventually making substantial compensation to victims. People severely injured because of an amusement park (called fixed-site) or mobile amusement rides should contact an experienced attorney.

The amusement park attorneys at Kline & Specter have won major awards and settlements in a variety of premises and product liability lawsuits, many of them very involved and complex. (See our Major Victories.) In one case, Tom Kline won a settlement of nearly $2 million in a Pittsburgh case in which a woman was killed when a pavilion collapsed at Kennywood Park. (See stories and TV clips).

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