Kline & Specter, PC was selected as the nation’s No. 1 law firm for Product Liability, plaintiff representation, for 2011-2012, and among the Best Law Firms in the United States for Medical Malpractice, Mass Tort and Product Laibility for 2013 by the peer-review rating service Best Lawyers. The award was announced in U.S. News & World Report magazine.

In announcing Kline & Specter’s best-in-the-nation Product Liability selection, Best Lawyers noted: “Only one law firm in each of the nationally ranked legal practice areas is receiving this recognition, making this award a particularly significant achievement.”

It noted the award was based, among other things, on “high performance on surveys of clients about your firm’s work in the practice area (and) the high regard that lawyers in other firms in the same practice area have for your firm.”

Previously, Kline & Specter was named in the “Tier 1” group – the top classification – for Mass Tort litigation and Product Liability. Only 22 law firms across the nation were chosen as Tier 1 firms in the Mass Tort classification and only 35 were selected in the top group for Product Liability litigation. The firms Mass Tort Department remained in the Tier 1 classification for 2011-2012. Additionally, Kline & Specter was designated a Tier 1 law firm for personal injury and medical malpractice litigation for the Philadelphia metropolitan region.

The firm has produced a litany of legal victories in product liability cases, including a $153 million verdict in the highly publicized White v. Ford case and a large settlement in litigation involving a defective BB gun. (See Mahoney Case)

Kline & Specter’s Mass Tort department, which handles pharmaceutical and other litigation, was a leader in the $4.85 billion Vioxx settlement and is spearheading litigation against the makers of Poligrip, Fixodent and other denture creams that contained zinc and may have caused widespread nerve damage among users of the products.

In addition, Tom Kline was named in 2009 as Philadelphia Personal Injury Litigator of the Year by Best Lawyers. (Read more) And the service also rated Kline, Shanin Specter and Lee Balefsky among its Best Lawyers in America, with Kline and Specter each receiving the honor for the 10th year.