Posted: February 5, 2018

Medical malpractice lawsuits are generally lengthy and complicated legal cases. For the average lay person, they can seem shrouded in mystery, and many common misconceptions about medical malpractice cases have arisen over the years.

At Kline & Specter, PC, we want to help our clients understand their legal rights and pursue the right course of action for their families. Here we address three of the most common misconceptions about medical malpractice cases.

1. A bad medical outcome always makes an actionable medical malpractice case.

medical malpractice victim in PhiladelphiaJust because you are dissatisfied with the results from a medical procedure does not mean you have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. Medical professionals are held to a specific standard of care based on the community in which they practice. When the actions of your medical professional (doctor, nurse, anesthesiologist, etc.) fall below these accepted standards of care and you are injured because of that mistake, then you can pursue a medical malpractice case.

2. A medical malpractice lawsuit is like any other personal injury case.

Although all personal injury cases share some commonalities (i.e., an injured victim seeks compensation from the responsible parties), medical malpractice cases are among some of the most complex legal cases tried in our courts today. Because of the nature of the actions disputed in each case, medical expert witnesses are required to prove the occurrence of medical mistakes in addition to any other experts needed to prove the extent of your injuries and economic damages.

3. A medical malpractice case should be easy to settle quickly.

Unlike some personal injury cases, such as minor car accident claims, medical malpractice cases usually cannot be settled swiftly. We need to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your injury and retain medical experts to prove the cause and extent of your injuries. In addition, the defendants are well financed and will fight aggressively to ensure that their reputations are not stained by a medical malpractice verdict against them.

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The experienced litigators at Kline & Specter, PC, are dedicated to helping the victims of medical malpractice pursue the justice they deserve. Our attorneys have recovered many millions of dollars for our clients. And what sets us apart from other law firms is that five of our attorneys are also highly skilled medical doctors.  

Some of our most notable verdicts and settlements include:

• $100 million verdict for an infant who suffered brain damage due to medical errors. This was the largest medical malpractice verdict in Pennsylvania history.

• $33.1 million verdict for the family who lost their wife and mother because of a breast cancer misdiagnosis

• $25 million verdict for the family of a woman who died during a botched fertility procedure

• $25 million settlement for the family of an open-heart surgery patient with a misdiagnosed cardiac condition

Our law firm, founded in 1995, has the knowledge, skill, and resources to take on the toughest opposition and build your best case to recover the compensation you and your family need.

If you have suffered injuries or lost a loved one due to medical errors, call 800-243-1100 today for a free medical malpractice case consultation with Kline & Specter.

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