Posted: March 30, 2023

Transvaginal mesh was first used in 2002 to help prevent pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and reduce the risks of stress urinary incontinence. By 2010, one of every three surgeries for POP or stress urinary incontinence involved mesh. However, by 2019, mesh had been banned for use in POP surgeries due to its known dangers. This decision was upheld after a 36-month surveillance study was completed in October 2022.

The dangers of transvaginal mesh became common knowledge when the FDA warned about the devices in 2008. That was, of course, too late for the thousands of women already experiencing symptoms of vaginal mesh migration or complications such as:

  1. Excessive vaginal bleeding
  2. Chronic vaginal pain
  3. Painful intercourse
  4. Urinary incontinence
  5. Recurring infection

Tragically, despite the known dangers, mesh continued to be a popular treatment for POP until just a few years ago.

Have all the Claims Been Settled?

Hundreds of thousands of women suffered harm from vaginal mesh. To deal with the incredible number of lawsuits being filed against the manufacturers of these products, all suits were combined into one of seven multi-district litigation cases, becoming one of the largest mass tort litigations in the history of the United States. Around 95 percent of these cases have now been resolved or dismissed. Our attorneys have played a significant and decisive role in many of these cases.

Mesh was banned in 2019. Women who have been injured but have yet to file a claim may be running up against the statute of limitations, which is only two years in most states. If you have been injured by a mesh implant and have yet to talk to an attorney, we encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible to learn about your options and rights.

Our Notable Transvaginal Mesh Cases

Kline & Specter, PC has had tremendous success in holding transvaginal mesh manufacturers accountable. We won nine verdicts totaling $347 million against Johnson & Johnson alone, including a $120 million award, which contained an unprecedented $100 million in punitive damages.

Other significant verdicts and settlements include:

  1. $80 million for a woman in Pennsylvania
  2. $57.1 million for a woman left permanently injured by mesh
  3. $41 million for a woman who suffered permanent damage due to mesh
  4. $20 million for a woman in New Jersey
  5. $13.5 million for a woman whose mesh eroded

Many transvaginal mesh cases have been resolved, but some litigation is ongoing. If you have questions about your rights or options, please contact us to schedule a free case evaluation and learn more.

Kline & Specter has 60 attorneyss, five of whom are also medical doctors – the most in the nation – including two who are OB/GYNs. We maintain offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware, and work with firms outside these states when necessary.