Posted: April 10, 2013

A woman who lost her leg and suffered other injuries when her car was struck by a drunk driver has won a $2.7 million jury verdict – against a bar at which the drunk driver was a customer. The accident occurred in 2011 in Medina County, Texas, when the intoxicated patron drove the wrong way down Interstate 35 after leaving the Southside Bar & Grill. A lawyer for the injured woman said the verdict “sent a message that overserving intoxicated patrons is a serious problem that bars will be held accountable for,” according to a news report of the case. Besides having her right leg amputated, Kelley Bitler, of San Anotnio, suffered fractures to her pelvis and left leg, foot and arm. Operators of the Southside Bar & Grill were accused of gross negligence for overserving the 29-year-old patron whose blood alcohol level was .34, more than four times the legal limit for driving. The drunk driver was killed in the crash, which occurred just 400 yards from the bar. Learn more about drunk driving lawsuits.