Posted: September 24, 2014

There are times when a health care worker may not perform up to the standard of care, and this is considered medical malpractice. This can occur during pregnancy and birth, which can cause permanent problems for your child.

Birth injuries can occur because of the negligence on the part of a nurse, doctor or other medical worker. Often, these mistakes are avoidable and occur because of the following:

  • Delaying a Caesarean-section
  • Poor prenatal care on the part of the medical worker
  • Delays in treating fetal distress
  • Misuse of medical equipment
  • Improper delivery methods
  • Failure to treat or prevent infection

An experienced Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer can represent families that have suffered from a birth injury and can understand the difficulties of navigating a case that involves some of the common injuries suffered from a birth injury. These include:

If your child was a victim of a birth injury as a result of malpractice, please contact the medical malpractice attorneys at Kline & Specter, whose more than 30 Pennsylvania attorneys, five of whom are also doctors, provide free case evaluations.