Posted: July 25, 2012

Birth injury case brings large verdict
Birth injuries due to doctor or hospital negligence are all too common. In yet another large award made to the family of an injured baby, a jury in Virginia recently handed down a $9 million verdict for a newborn who suffered cerebral palsy and damaged kidneys because of the actions of two doctors. The Roanoke Times reported the verdict came after just four hours of deliberations that followed 10 days of testimony in the case of Marissa Simposn, now 10 years old. The jury found two obstetricians liable in the case, one for choosing to perform an unnecessary medical treatment and the second for ordering that the mother be induced without consulting her. Expert witnesses testified at the trial that Simpson should have had a Caesarean section. Marissa suffered kidney damage and a brain injury from lack of oxygen. The newspaper reported she has undergone two kidney transplants.

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