Posted: April 1, 2020
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Mother and child holding hands

Birth injury occurs when the actions or inaction of medical professionals cause injury to a baby during pregnancy, labor, delivery OR THE NEO-NATAL PERIOD. There are MANY ways for mothers and babies to be injured when healthcare providers are NEGLIGENT.

If you believe your child has been the victim of medical malpractice, our experienced and dedicated birth injury attorneys are here to review your claim free of charge and help you determine the most effective way forward.

Nonlegal Assistance

Legal action can help your family secure needed compensation for NURSING AND COMPANION CARE, special schooling, adaptive technologies, and other NECESSARY COSTS.  Several private and government organizations also can provide additional resources for families dealing with the emotional and financial consequences of birth injury.

EACH STATE HAS SERVICES FOR INJURED CHILDREN. IN Pennsylvania, there are many support services for families with special needs children. These include:

These nonprofit, not-for-profit and government-run programs provide several resources for children with developmental, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional issues including at-home care, financial assistance, socializing, and community building, all of which can help ensure your child – and your family – lead the best life possible.

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Kline & Specter, PC is one of the nation’s LEADING medical malpractice law firms. Five of OUR FULL-TIME lawyers are also medical doctors, giving us an advantage when it comes to birth injury cases. Compassionate, thoughtful, and effective, our lawyers have secured the largest-ever verdict for a birth injury in Pennsylvania along with MANY other major victories for victims of medical malpractice. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we may be able to help you.