Posted: September 12, 2012

Rebecca Fielding remembered screaming aloud because it was taking so long for her to get a C-section to deliver her baby at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland. She went to the hospital after her baby got stuck following an attempt to give birth at home using a midwife. She was told while waiting that doctors were awaiting blood tests, but the waiting continued for two hours. During the wait, her baby, Enzo, was deprived of oxygen and suffered cerebral palsy. Today Enzo is unable to speak or walk or even sit up on his own. A lawsuit followed and recently a jury awarded what Baltimore’s WJZ called a record-setting verdict of $55 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Legal caps will limit the award to $30 million. Attorneys for Johns Hopkins were quoted as saying they planned to appeal the verdict. Get more information about birth injury lawsuits and cerebral palsy lawsuits.