Posted: December 22, 2015

The defective product attorneys at Kline & Specter, PC, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are following with interest the recent class-action news indicating that America's oldest gun maker intentionally concealed widespread trigger mechanism safety problems.

The revelation could affect millions of rifle owners, according to CNBC.

As part of its coverage of a pending Remington Arms Co. class-action settlement offer related to defective triggers in its popular Model 700 rifle, CNBC has reported that the company knew for decades about consumer complaints that the firearm could automatically discharge without anyone pulling the trigger.

Remington maintains the rifles are safe despite a variety of defective product lawsuits related to the faulty trigger component.

Now, without admitting guilt, Remington hopes to replace the triggers in as many as 7.5 million Model 700 rifles.

This case rings familiar to our lawyers in part because of our firm's work on behalf of Tucker Mahoney. In this well-known case, founding attorney Shanin Specter obtained a substantial, confidential settlement for our client, a teenager who was shot in the head by a defective BB gun made by the Daisy Manufacturing Company[eaj1] . The powerful pump-action rifles could discharge a BB when the user believed the gun was empty.

Tucker Mahoney suffered severe brain damage, and eventually died from his injuries. Beyond suing the manufacturer, Specter also filed a complaint with the US. Consumer Product Safety Commission, prompting the federal agency to seek a recall of 7.4 million Daisy BB guns.

And currently, Kline & Specter is litigating a similar case against the Olin Corp. on behalf of a father and daughter who were seriously injured on a Pennsylvania hunting trip in 2009. Their Winchester Model 94 rifle fired a bullet after it was dropped — even though it was in the half-cocked, or “safe,” position. That single bullet struck both hunters. The father was shot in his right leg, and later endured 17 surgeries before the limb was finally amputated from above his knee. His daughter lost her ring finger.

Our defective product attorneys will fight for justice for these clients, and we will continue to seek the relevant public and commercial safety upgrades to help insure no one else becomes victimized in the same manner.

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