Posted: October 1, 2014

General Motors has announced another six recalls to add to the list of defects that have been coming out since April. In total, GM has announced 60 recalls this year covering more than 26 million vehicles.

GM was told to pay a $35 million fine due to delaying a faulty ignition switch recall that led to at least 13 deaths. After the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) looked into the defective ignition switches and found they had led to crashes, injuries, and deaths, the government continued to investigate GM's procedures.

Because of this investigation, GM has continued to roll out recalls since April. The recalls affect vehicles as new as 2015 models.

This latest round of recalls includes the following:

  • Bolts that may allow seats to move without restraint
  • Defective seal welds
  • Faulty turn signals
  • Failures in power steering
  • Faulty control bolts that can result in a loss of steering
  • Roof rails that may punch holes in roof air bags

Several of the recalls that GM has rolled out this year have been known to cause injuries and even death. Our Philadelphia car accident lawyers have the experience to help if you've been injured due to a recalled product. Please contact Kline & Specter today for a free case evaluation. 800-243-1100.