Posted: May 6, 2014

General Motors’ Corporation has announced yet another recall related to its 2003-2011 small car series. The initial recall was for faulty ignition switches that can slip out of the “run” setting and shut off the engine, leaving safety features inoperable. The defect was involved in at least 13 known deaths.

The newest recall involves another part of the ignition, this time the lock cylinder in which a key is placed. The faulty cylinder can allow the key to be pulled out of the ignition while the car is still running and can cause the vehicles to roll away, risking damage and possible injury.

Arial, sans-serif;" GM has said it is aware of hundreds of complaints in which keys have come out of the ignition while the cars were running. A search of GM and government data bases returned one incident report in which someone was injured as a result of the ignition defect, according to a news report. The ignition recall brought the total number of GM cars involved in the latest wave of recalls to roughly 4.3 million.