Posted: October 15, 2023

Furniture accidentInjuries caused by unsound furniture due to manufacturing errors, such as incomplete installation instructions or materials, faulty construction, or poor craftsmanship, were the cause of over 22,000 hospital visits over a three-year period alone. 

furniture accident can cause serious injury or death. Children are those most at risk of serious injury in furniture tipping accidents; however, adults can also be severely injured. By working with attorneys well-versed in product liability litigation, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. 

Why Work With An Attorney? 

Working with the right law firm can help relieve the stress of legal battles and allow you to focus on recovery. The right firm will have the experience and ability to create a strong case on your behalf by obtaining the necessary documents, conducting interviews, and more to get what your case needs. 

Aside from being able to help you, working with a law firm can help others as well. Depending on the scope of your injury, your case may lead to a manufacturer’s recall, potentially saving others from injury.

What To Do After Being Injured?


After receiving medical attention, make sure you receive documentation from the doctor outlining your injury. Also, taking pictures of the furniture in question and any assembly or packaging material that came with it can be helpful. 


While you may want to discard defective furniture, keeping it can significantly help bolster your case. Although an experienced, capable firm can create a robust case for you, taking these steps can ensure the legal process is as smooth as possible. 

Contact Your Insurance & Attorney

Submitting an insurance claim on your medical injuries can not only help to pay for your medical costs but it can also provide valuable evidence legitimizing your injury.

After your insurance, contact Kline & Specter, a nearly 30-year-old law firm with 60 attorneyss who have won billions of dollars in product liability litigation.