Posted: December 31, 2023

Airbag injuryStandard since the 1990s, airbags were championed as a mark of the safety engineering can provide. Meant to reduce the chance of upper-body injury in the event of an automotive accident, they have been found to reduce driver fatalities by 29%. Unfortunately, rather than preventing injury, airbags may also cause them. Due to malfunctions or poor construction, a faulty airbag can result in airbag injury.

The issue is not uncommon with a recent vehicle recall due to airbag quality affecting nearly 70 million cars. Find out what leads to a faulty airbag, the common injuries you may experience, and how an attorney can help.

The Parts of an Airbag

There are generally three components to an airbag: the module, which houses and controls the bag and propellant, the crash sensors, and a diagnostic unit. Failure at any one of these parts can cause an airbag injury.

In the event of a crash, sensors on board the vehicle send a signal to the propellants inside the airbag module, which starts a chemical reaction leading to rapid inflation of the bag. The diagnostic unit monitors the system and is meant to alert if something is wrong.

How Can an Airbag Fail?

Common failures of the airbag system can include:

  1. Improper inflation which can lead to less harm reduction in the event of a crash

  2. Leaking inflation can cause respiratory problems

  3. Spontaneous inflation which can cause airbag deployment without a crash

  4. Shrapnel inside the propellant canister can heat up and be expelled

The injuries you can sustain due to these failures may include:

  1. Lacerations

  2. Spinal injuries

  3. Broken bones, especially around the ribcage

  4. Bruising

  5. Chemical burns from the propellant

  6. Internal injuries such as bleeding or soft tissue damage

What leads to a faulty airbag and what injuries you may suffer will vary; however, what remains consistent: when you are injured due to a malfunctioning airbag, you should reach out to an attorney.

Kline & Specter Can Help Following an Airbag Injury

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