Posted: December 8, 2013

A man who was paralyzed below the waist due to medical negligence was awarded $2.85 million by a South Carolina jury, while his wife and sole caregiver won an additional $500,000. On April 17, 2004, Randy Green was rushed to Grand Stand Medical Regional Center after being involved in a traffic collision that severed arties in his forearm. While being prepped for emergency surgery, the Myrtle Beach man’s surgeon ordered a CAT scan for his knee, which was also injured in the crash. At the time Green’s blood pressure was 72/ 56 and a 30-minute delay because of the additional testing caused him to suffer cardiac and respiratory arrest. Emergency room personnel were able to revive Green but the lack of blood flow caused  permanent paralysis.
 The lawsuit was brought against the surgeon in charge of Green’s care as well as the Grand Stand Medical Regional Center, which settled out of court. At the trial, several prestigious medical experts acknowledged that Greens blood pressure at the time was a direct indication that he was on the verge of suffering cardiac arrest. Read more about medical malpractice lawsuits.