Posted: December 1, 2021

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 786 motor vehicle recalls in 2020, impacting more than 31 million cars, trucks, and SUVs. The cause of these recalls varies widely from minor defects that pose little to no risk to more significant issues that can impact drivability, result in loss of vehicle control, or even pose threats unrelated to the operation of the vehicle, such as fires. 

When you receive a vehicle recall notice in the mail, it is always a good idea to take your car to an authorized dealer for the necessary repairs. Recall repairs are free even if your vehicle is no longer under warranty and can help you avoid problems in the future. This issue becomes even more pressing when your vehicle is part of a safety recall, where swift action may help save your life. 

Has My Vehicle Been Involved in a Recall? 

You can tell if your vehicle has been part of a recall by visiting NHTSA’s vehicle recall page. There, you can look up your vehicle by VIN to see if it has been included in a previous recall and take appropriate action based on your findings. 

While manufacturers are required to notify consumers of recalls, their efforts do not always extend to people who have moved or those who are not a vehicle’s first owner. Taking time to check this page on occasion can help ensure you are kept aware of any issues that may be impacting the function or safety of your vehicle. 

What Are My Rights When I’m Injured? 

When you are injured by a defective vehicle, you may be entitled to take action through a product liability lawsuit. The experienced lawyers at Kline & Specter PC are here to review your claim to help you determine if legal action is the best course forward. 

Our firm has won a number of major victories against automobile manufacturers, among them jury verdicts of $153 million, $52 million, and $8.75 million against Ford Motor Co. in cases involving faulty parking brakes. We welcome the opportunity to provide a free evaluation of your case and provide information about your options. 

Please call Kline & Specter PC at 215-772-1000 to schedule a free case review. We serve Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware, and work with firms outside of those states, as needed, to assist victims of serious injury throughout the country.