Posted: January 9, 2013

It took 13 years and more than three weeks at trial, but a jury in Chicago came to a conclusion that it was medical malpractice that caused brain damage in a birth injury case. Attorneys for the doctor involved and Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Comprehensive Women’s Heath Care denied any wrongdoing. But the jury decided otherwise and delivered a large verdict -- $14.4 million – for Ryan Hill, now 13, who suffers from cerebral palsy and frequent seizures. He requires care around-the-clock. The Chicago Sun-Times quoted an attorney for the child’s parents as saying: “They feel a great sense of relief, because it has been a long time … It’s bittersweet. Even though it was a very fair result from the jury, their first child is brain-damaged. It’s hard to jump for joy.” Learn more about birth injury lawsuits or contact a birth injury lawyer.