Posted: August 20, 2014

The twisted steel of a towering rollercoaster is enough to strike fear in some people. But according to recent data compiled by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, more incidents and injuries occur on rather unassuming water rides than on rollercoasters.

The report found that over the past five years 40 percent of all incidents at New Jersey amusement parks happened on water rides with wave pools, surfing rides, water rapids, water slides and water play areas.

The high rate of incidents on water rides was attributed to the fact that people are unrestrained and free to move about on the water rides, making it easier for them to put themselves into unsafe positions. To the contrary, thrill seekers on rollercoasters are less likely to be injured because they are tightly strapped in and secured. Only seven percent of reported incidents occurred on rollercoasters.

Out of the amusement parks in New Jersey, Action Park located in Vernon Township had the highest incident rate with just more than 100 in the past five years.