Posted: May 22, 2013

 Man hit by police car awarded $16.25M
 A Connecticut man was walking across the street when a car traveling at least 30 mph in excess of the speed limit hit him, severing his leg. The vehicle was being driven by someone who was sworn to uphold the law and protect the citizenry – a state police officer. The cruiser was moving at 75 mph or faster in a 45 mph zone without its siren or flashing lights going, according to an Associated Press report. The AP noted that after the accident, the trooper got out of his car, checked the bumper for damage and – in a scene captured on video -- stood over Gordils and began questioning him rather than administering first aid. Gordils had suffered a crushed pelvis and his right leg was completely torn off. His lawyers told the jury in the case that his medical expenses and lost income alone amounted to more than $8 million. Read more about auto accident lawsuits.