Posted: November 17, 2016

It happens more than 5,000 times each year, or 14 times every day, across the United States. A child falls from a window and is hurt badly enough to require treatment in an emergency room, with about one-fourth of those children injured badly enough to remain hospitalized. Some suffer injuries that are fatal. It occurred just recently, in mid-October, when a four-year-old boy was killed in a fall from a seventh-floor apartment balcony near Philadelphia’s City Avenue. Police said a window screen leading to the balcony was broken. Last May, a three-year-old girl was hospitalized after she and her twin sister fell some 20-30 feet from a second-floor window of a home in the city’s Germantown section. One girl was treated and released but her sister suffered a fractured skull.

Windows can present a danger and often screens are a part of the problem, offering a false promise of security. But screens are often not strong enough to hold the weight of a child. One report notes that 83 percent of windows from which a child falls had a screen. In some of these cases, a screen may be broken, defective or have a tendency to come loose.

In some instances in which a child falls from a window, a landlord or others can be at fault. Last April, such a case resulted in a $5.5 settlement with a landlord and companies doing renovations on a building in North Philadelphia. In an earlier case, Shanin Specter won a $12.25 million settlement in a lawsuit for a two-year-old boy who suffered brain damage and the loss of sight in one eye after a three-story fall from a Philadelphia apartment. Specter had investigated the tragedy and found that there had been a long-standing problem with screens -- specifically that pins holding them in place had a tendency to “pop out” – and that the apartment complex management had been notified previously about the problem by other tenants.

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