Posted: August 27, 2014

An independent electrical contractor was killed recently after he inadvertently touched an improperly grounded copper pipe inside a home on Juniper Street in Philadelphia.  Andrew Weygand was inside a second floor access panel and was feeding an electrical wire down to a Dudley Hilton Electric employee when he was suddenly electrocuted. 

Weygand’s family filed a lawsuit in Philadelphia over the incident. Named in the complaint were Sylvestro General Contractors, Dudley Hilton Electric, ATB Electric Inc., McManus Electric Inc., as well as Jennifer Jordon and Sylvia White, co-owners of the Juniper street home.

The Weygands allege that Sylvestro and the electrical companies are responsible for allowing their son to work on a property that was not adequately secured. They also allege that the companies did not properly train their workers to de-energize the home’s copper piping. They hold Jordan and White responsible for allegedly not acquiring the proper city permits and licenses for the work being done to the property.

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