Posted: December 5, 2012

A motorcycle rider who was seriously injured in an accident at a dangerous intersection has been awarded more than $31.5 million by a jury which found the California Department of Transportation partly responsible. The accident occurred in 2009 on Highway 138 in Pinon Hills and resulted in David Evans, 66, suffering severe brain and spinal cord injuries which will necessitate lifelong nursing care. Evans was struck by an oncoming vehicle, whose driver was found 85 percent responsible for the accident. But the highway department, known as Caltrans, was found 15 percent liable because the intersection – which has a 130-degree turn – is dangerous. Evans’ attorney said the intersection “invites motorists to routinely cut the corner, reducing their ability to observe and react to oncoming traffic.” Evans, 66, and his wife, both prosecutors with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, sued the state. Evidence presented at trial showed 10 prior accidents at the intersection as well as a complaint filed about the location a year and a half before the accident involving Evans. Learn more about motorcycle accident lawsuits.