Posted: May 10, 2021

Thousands of products are recalled every year. Some recalls are for minor issues that impact functionality, while some are for serious defects that threaten the safety of everyone who uses them. However, while many defective products cause harm, only a handful of these cases result in product liability claims. 

Several product liability claims went through the courts in 2020, including one for $185 million in punitive damages, plus $750 million in compensatory damages to be split evenly among four patients, against Johnson & Johnson for cases of cancer linked to its talcum powder. 

While there were some large and impressive settlements of 2020, not all cases ended in victory for plaintiffs. Several powerful companies are currently involved in legal cases over products they manufacture or sell, including Ford Motor Company, CVS and Walgreens, and numerous hand sanitizer manufacturers. The outcome of these cases may set precedents, making it harder to hold companies accountable when they behave poorly. This makes it important that, if you are injured by a defective product,  you have a qualified, experienced, and aggressive product liability attorney on your side as soon as you are injured. 

Kline & Specter, PC, Can Help

The attorneys at Kline & Specter have the resources, experience, and tenacity required to help victims of defective products get justice. Our firm has successfully handled numerous product liability claims, helping victims and their families get the compensation and support they need to make the fullest recovery possible. 

Some of our most notable cases include: 

  • $8 Billion punitive damages verdict against Johnson & Johnson for gynecomastia linked to Risperdal  
  • $153 million verdict against the Ford Motor Company for death resulting from a faulty parking brake  
  • $120 million, $80 million, $57.1 million, and $41 million verdicts against Johnson & Johnson in vaginal mesh cases 

Thoughtful and thorough, the lawyers at Kline & Specter will listen to your claim, offer information about your options, and guide you toward the most effective path forward. Please call to schedule your free case review today. We maintain offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. We work with local attorneys, as applicable, for cases outside those states.