Posted: September 29, 2015

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native and founding attorney Shanin Specter has the credentials to buoy a in any arena of the law or public service.

Alongside co-founder Thomas Kline, Specter chose to build what has become one of the country's leading personal injury and medical malpractice law firms.

Here Specter talks about the drive to establish Kline & Specter, PC, more than 20 years ago, and the steam that keeps this Philadelphia-based law firm pushing for justice for victims in personal injury and medical malpractice cases nationwide.

Question: Why did you decide to pursue personal injury law?

Specter: I like helping people with their serious problems. I think helping folks who are catastrophically injured is about the best way to do that. I'd rather be doing that than working on a merger or acquisition or contract matter or drafting a will. There's nothing wrong with that practice of law, but I simply find it more personally rewarding and fulfilling to help people and families that have suffered a grievous loss.

Question: What has been the most fulfilling case of your legal so far?

Specter: So many, it's hard to pick out one case. Many of our cases result not just in financial compensation for our clients but also safety improvements that benefit society. That's very fulfilling. For example, I had a case involving a motor vehicle manufacturer who did not put seatbelts in the back seats of cars it sold in certain foreign countries. An American was killed as a result of that decision. In addition to getting the family compensated for this death, I got the car company to agree to never sell a vehicle without seatbelts in all seating positions.

Question: What issues do you think will shape the future of personal injury or medical malpractice law?

Specter: Corporate America wants to limit access to courts and juries. All of us need to actively oppose that. On the other hand, I think that jurors are more willing to hold healthcare providers and corporations responsible for negligence than they were a generation ago. They understand the importance of personal and corporate responsibility, and that's a good thing.

How Can We Help You?

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