Posted: March 15, 2016

There’s recent news that Olympus Corp., which manufactures medical devices as well as cameras and industrial equipment, has agreed to pay $646 million as the result of a kickback lawsuit that may have only seen the light of day thanks to a brave corporate whistleblower just like those we represent at Kline & Specter, PC, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and across the country.

According to NPR, John Slowik was a chief compliance officer at Olympus who filed a whistleblower suit against the company in 2010 after he was fired for trying to stop unethical business practices. The case boiled down to an ongoing company practice of allegedly bribing doctors in the U.S. and Latin America to use and promote Olympus products. Slowik is now expected to receive a multi-million dollar settlement.

The government’s case against Olympus addressed several criminal and civil violations, including charges that its alleged kickback scheme included gastrointestinal scopes that proved to be dangerous medical devices because of their link to outbreaks of deadly, drug-resistant bacteria.

Our Philadelphia whistleblower attorneys at Kline & Specter, where the staff includes five lawyers who also are doctors, have a proven track-record representing people who stand up to their employers for the greater good. Consider:

  • Kline & Specter attorneys recently handled a whistleblower lawsuit in Arizona that resulted in a $35 million settlement over alleged Medicare fraud.
  • Our whistleblower attorneys represented a client in a fraudulent business practice case involving CareMed Pharmaceutical Services that resulted in a $10.19 million settlement.

Kline & Specter’s whistleblower lawyers know the complexities of whistleblower lawsuits as well as the emotional toll that these cases can take on our clients. We believe in whistleblower litigation because, just like the lawsuits mentioned here, whistleblowers have the power to ignite tremendous positive change.

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