Carbon monoxide poisoning results in nearly 500 deaths each year and 15,000 emergency room visits, including those for severe illnesses such as brain damage, nerve injury and heart and lung conditions.

Many incidents involving the colorless, odorless gas are the fault of defective products or may occur in commercial premises such as factories and other businesses, restaurants, schools and apartment buildings which lack proper ventilation.

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Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are headache, nausea, dizziness, confusion, fainting, shortness of breath and chest pain. A simple and inexpensive medical test can detect carbon monoxide poisoning.

Most cases of carbon monoxide exposure occur where climates are colder, such as the Midwest and Northeast, according to the federal Centers for Disease and Prevention. (See the CDC report)

In some cases of carbon monoxide exposure, a defective product such as a generator or other motorized device can be at fault as well as an improperly ventilated or maintained business or commercial property. In such cases, a civil suit can be filed against the liable party.

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