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On March 22, 2005, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ordered the seizure of hospital beds made by Vail Products Inc. because it said patients could become entrapped in the hospital beds and suffer serious injury or death.

The FDA said it was aware of at least 30 entrapments resulting from the use of Vail Model 500, 1000 and 2000 Enclosed Bed Systems and that at least seven of the incidents resulted in death.

The beds seized by U.S. marshals were those that had not yet been shipped by the Ohio-based manufacturer. The FDA said about 5,000 of the Vail beds were still in use throughout the country at hospitals, nursing homes and private homes. The FDA recommended that health care providers stop using those beds immediately.

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The FDA said Vail had failed or refused to furnish requested information and failed to follow federal regulations in manufacturing the bed systems. Said the agency: “Vail Products has previously received two FDA Warning Letters outlining unacceptable practices. The firm was given an opportunity to correct the violations, but failed to take appropriate actions.”

The beds made by Vail are enclosed using a canopy-type nylon netting that is zippered into place to prevent patients – generally those with spasms, seizures, cognitive impairment and unpredictable behavior – from falling or wandering off. The devices are intended to prevent patients from leaving their beds while replacing the need for less comfortable restraints or medication.

But some patients, according to the FDA, have become entrapped in the beds’ sides and railings, resulting in suffocation in the worst cases. While many of the patients using the beds are elderly, the FDA said more than half of the 30 incident reports it had received involved children 16 and younger.

The FDA said the beds are “misbranded” because they are dangerous when used in the prescribed manner and because they lack adequate directions for use and adequate warnings, placing patients “at an increased risk of entrapment and asphyxiation.”

The FDA advised facilities that cannot immediately stop using the Vail beds to take safety precautions. It outlined those precautions in a Public Health Notification dated March 25, 2005.

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