Denture products containing zinc have been pulled from the market because the denture creams have been associated with crippling nerve damage. In some cases, long-term users of the product have found their ability to use their hands or walk severely impeded.

Kline & Specter, with more than 40 attorneys, including five who are also doctors, is one of the nation's leading product liability law firms. The firm was liaison counsel for the cases and leaders in the litigation, with many of the cases centered in Philadelphia. However, we are no longer accepting cases involving injuries caused by denture cream.

The denture cream products can over the long-term cause a buildup of zinc in the body which prevents the necessary absorption of copper, which in turn can produce neurological symptoms. Products pulled from the market account for more than one-fourth of those used by an estimated 30 million denture wearers in the United States.

One such user was Diann Jones, a Kline & Specter client, who began using a Poligrip product after suffering gum disease during pregnancy and having her teeth extracted in April 2001. Six years later,  Jones, of St. Clair, Pa., began having difficulty doing her job as a machine operator and production floor supervisor, at first losing feeling in her feet, then losing her balance and falling when her knees and ankles gave out. She was diagnosed with zinc overload and copper deficiency and now, at 44 years old, she must use a walker, cannot bend her fingers for long periods and has constant pain in both legs.


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