Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers

Selection of Expert Witness

  • Determining Who is the Proper Expert for Your Case
  • Locating Qualified & Competent Experts
  • The Subsequent Treating Physician as an Expert

Preparation of the Expert Witness Testimony

  • Correspondence with the Expert
  • Preparation of the Expert Witness Report
  • Answering Expert Witness Interrogatories
  • Production of Expert Witness Materials

Presentation of Expert Witness Testimony

  • Effective Dramatic Expert Witness Presentation
  • What the Trial Lawyer Should Learn from the Expert
  • Avoiding Collateral Attack on Your Expert

Cross-Examination of the Opposing Party's Expert

  • Techniques of Substantive Cross-Examination
  • Techniques of Collateral Cross-Examination
  • Making your Case through the Opposing Party's Expert

Legal Issues

  • Current Pennsylvania Law on Expert Witness Testimony