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Many Kline & Specter cases have resulted not only in large monetary resolutions but also in changes that benefited thousands if not millions of citizens. (See examples)

The following are some of the larger publicly disclosed settlements and verdicts obtained by Kline & Specter attorneys. The list does not account for innumerable major settlements which are confidential nor for scores of other Kline & Specter seven-figure settlements and verdicts.

$153M - Product Liability

Verdict against Ford in death of a boy run over by truck with defective parking brake. The then-second largest product liability verdict in the nation. (White) (Jury awarded $52 million in retrial of punitive damages.)

$109M - Premises Liability

Largest contested liability personal injury verdict in Pennsylvania history, including $48 million compensatory and $61 million punitive damages for the family of a woman killed by a fallen electric line. (Goretzka)

$100M - Medical Malpractice

Largest-ever medical malpractice verdict in Pennsylvania, for a baby who suffered severe brain damage due to medical malpractice. (Vlasny)

$95.6M - Personal Injury

Recovery following a verdict for a woman catastrophically injured in a Philadelphia building collapse. Largest personal injury recovery in Pennsylvania history. (Plekan

$57.1M - Product Liability

Verdict against Johnson & Johnson for a Pennsylvania woman permanently injured by a defective vaginal mesh device. (Ebaugh)

$57M - Birth Injury

Verdict in birth injury case involving oxygen deprivation which resulted in cerebral palsy.

$51M - Premises Liability

Verdict against the Philadelphia mass transit agency in a case in which a boy’s foot was severed in an escalator. SEPTA was also fined for concealing documents. (Hall)

$49M - Medical Malpractice

Verdict in a hospital error case that left a young man severely brain damaged. The award set a Pennsylvania record at the time for a medical malpractice case. (Caruso)

$47M - Medical Malpractice

Largest medical malpractice verdict in federal court in Pennsylvania history, for a child injured in a post-birth procedure. (Harker/Baldacchino)


$46.5M - Premises Liability

Jury verdict – $8.02 million compensatory and $38.5 million punitive – against a security company for the families of two women killed by a disgruntled employee at Kraft Foods plant in Philadelphia. (Brown/Wilson)

$42.9M - Medical Malpractice

One of the largest medical malpractice verdicts in Pennsylvania history for a girl badly injured at birth at a Philadelphia hospital. (Fortson)

$42M - Birth Injury

Verdict in Harrisburg federal court for an infant who suffered severe brain damage because of a botched forceps delivery. Defendant was the U.S. government, which employed the doctor. (Armolt

$40.5M - Premises Liability

Settlement in explosion that killed six and injured six others at apartment complex where basement flooding had caused a gas line break. (Village Green)

$38.2M - Motor Vehicle Accident

Delaware County verdict in auto accident case for girl injured at notoriously dangerous intersection. (Robley)

$36.4M - Workplace Injury

Settlement with oil refinery in death of a worker, believed to be the largest-ever reported settlement nationally for a single-victim employee fatality. (Motiva)

$35M - Premises Liability

Settlement on behalf of more than 100 businesses and individuals for losses in the 2001 Continental Business Center fire in Bridgeport, Pa. (Bridgeport)

$35M - Whistleblower

Largest settlement of its kind in Arizona history against a healthcare system over alleged Medicare fraud.

$33.1M - Medical Malpractice

Lehigh County verdict in the case of a missed diagnosis of breast cancer that resulted in a woman’s death. (Welteroth)

$30M - Product Liability

Settlement in an auto accident case in which severe injuries resulted from a rear seat lap belt.

$30M - Work Injury

Settlement in 2018 for a worker severely injured when he fell from a cell tower when a ladder rung to which he was tethered dislodged. (Jeglum)

$30M - Brain Injury

Settlement for a young child who suffered severe brain damage due to improperly managed anesthesia during a routine procedure at an area hospital.

$29.6M - Premises Liability

Settlement in the Pier 34 collapse that left three women dead and dozens injured. (Pier 34)

$27.6M - General Negligence

Jury verdict in the case of a Philadelphia woman injured after exercising for a promotional video for replacement knees. (Polett)

$25M - Motor Vehicle Accident

Settlement: Tractor trailer slammed into a vehicle occupied by a Philadelphia school teacher, who suffered a spinal cord injury that resulted in paralysis.

$25M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Failure to diagnose life threatening cardiac problem following open heart surgery resulting in cardiac arrest and death.

$25M - Medical Malpractice

Jury verdict against two doctors found negligent in the death of a patient, herself a doctor, after a routine fertility procedure. (Matteo)

$25M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Misdiagnosis and failure to properly treat retinopathy of prematurity in twin boys resulting in blindness.

$24M - Premises Liability

Jury verdict in a premises liability case involving a three-year-old girl’s near-drowning at an apartment complex swimming pool. (Weightman)

$21.8M - Medical Malpractice

Delaware County , Pa., jury verdict for a man who was left blind as the result of prolonged back surgery. (Drainer)

$21.6M - Birth Injury

Jury verdict for child born with severe brain injury. The verdict, which includes periodic payments, was a record for an Erie County, Pa., personal injury case. (Graham)

$20M - Birth Injury

Medical malpractice verdict for boy who went blind after birth. The $20 Million verdict is the largest medical malpractice verdict in Montgomery County history. (Lee)

$20M - Brain Injury

Jury verdict for a college student who suffered brain damage after nurses failed to respond in time to an alarm. (Gallagher)

$20M - Brain Injury
$20M - Brain Injury

Settlement: Teenage boy who underwent routine surgery for sports injury suffers anoxic brain injury.

$20M - Mass Tort

Verdict against Johnson & Johnson for a New Jersey woman injured after she was implanted with a vaginal mesh device. (Engleman)


$19.9M - Medical Malpractice

Verdict for a patient who was assaulted while in the hospital, suffering severe injuries. Record Delaware verdict. (Sparber)

$19.65M - Brain Injury

Settlement: Failure to diagnose infection and dislodged tube results in brain injury in young woman.

$19.2M - Birth Injury

Jury award against Merrell Dow for boy born with club feet after his mother had taken the morning sickness drug Bendectin. (Blum)

$19.1M - Workplace Injury

Luzerne County verdict for mother of three left incapacitated after being struck by a van as she worked at a roadside construction site. (McManamon)

$19M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Overdose of Pitocin during delivery results in baby being born with severe brain damage and injury to mother.


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