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Many Kline & Specter cases have resulted not only in large monetary resolutions but also in changes that benefited thousands if not millions of citizens. (See examples)

The following are some of the larger publicly disclosed settlements and verdicts obtained by Kline & Specter attorneys. The list does not account for innumerable major settlements which are confidential nor for scores of other Kline & Specter seven-figure settlements and verdicts.

$19.65M - Brain Injury

Settlement: Failure to diagnose infection and dislodged tube results in brain injury in young woman.

$19.2M - Birth Injury

Jury award against Merrell Dow for boy born with club feet after his mother had taken the morning sickness drug Bendectin. (Blum)

$19.1M - Workplace Injury

Luzerne County verdict for mother of three left incapacitated after being struck by a van as she worked at a roadside construction site. (McManamon)

$19M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Surgical error during liver donor procedure for transplantation results in liver failure.

$19M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Overdose of Pitocin during delivery results in baby being born with severe brain damage and injury to mother.

$18.5M - Medical Malpractice

Verdict for medical error that caused damage to a girl’s heart and required later heart transplant, leaving her with only a 50-50 chance of living past 21.

$18M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Infant suffers severe and catastrophic cerebral palsy due to a delay in performing a C-section.

$17.5M - Medical Malpractice

Verdict against VA for ex-Marine who suffered a stroke following dental procedure.  The verdict includes periodic payments. (Ellison)

$17M - Brain Injury

Settlement: Cerebral palsy, severe brain damage due to bacterial meningitis, chronic lung disease.

$16M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement for a man who suffered hypoxic brain injury after nurses failed to promptly administer CPR when he went into cardiac arrest following successful cardiac surgery.

$15.2M - Medical Malpractice

Verdict for a baby injured during heart surgery and left suffering severe brain damage. (Sears)

$15M - Medical Malpractice

Verdict for a woman who suffered a stroke following carotid artery surgery. (Dupon)

$15M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Disease left untreated and subsequent negligent attempt at surgery results in permanent waist-down paralysis.

$15M - Birth Injury

Settlement in a birth injury case against a doctor and nurse.

$15M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement against a Philadelphia hospital for a woman who suffered a stroke and permanent brain damage due to medical malpractice.

$15M - Wrongful Death

Verdict for family of teenager who died after falling down a mine shaft while on a group trip in Mexico. (Crane)

$15M - Brain Injury

Jury award to a Down Syndrome boy who was left brain damaged after an error during heart surgery. (Borkowski)

$14.8M - Brain Injury

Settlement: Failure to diagnose cerebral edema causes brain damage.

$14.5M - Birth Injury

Verdict in Johnstown, Pa., for a boy who suffered severe cerebral palsy due to mishandled delivery. Jury award was largest-ever in a medical malpractice case in federal court in western Pennsylvania. (Read Article)

$14M - Premises Liability

Bucks County verdict against the Pennsbury School district for a teenage student who lost her leg when she was run over by a school bus. (Zauflik)

$14M - Birth Injury

Delay in delivery of newborn resulted in severe injuries.

$13.5M - Medical Devices

Verdict against Johnson & Johnson -- $3.5 million compensatory and $10 million punitive -- for a Toms River, N.J., woman injured by surgically implanted vaginal mesh. (Carlino)

$13M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Man dies of sepsis after coronary bypass surgery due to failure to provide appropriate antibiotic therapy.

$13M - Brain Injury

Settlement: Obstetrical malpractice results in brain injury to child and gynecologic injury.

$12.5M - Medical Devices

$12.5M -- Total verdicts -- $5.5 million compensatory and $7 million punitive -- against Johnson & Johnson for an Indiana woman injured by surgically implanted vaginal mesh. (Hammons)

$12.25M - Premises Liability

Settlement for boy injured after falling through an apartment window. Jury awarded $7 million but pre-trial agreement raised the sum paid. (Woolfolk)

$12M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Negligent treatment of leukemia results in patient suffering spinal cord injury and quadriplegia.

$11.8M - Premises Liability

Settlement with the Philadelphia Housing Authority and property manager for girl who suffered brain damage after asthma attack caused by mold in home. (McKinney)

$11.6M - Premises Liability

Settlement for a former University of Pennsylvania student left a paraplegic after a 20-foot fall at an off-campus residence. (Bernhoft)

$11.3M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Patient incapacitated following experimental treatment without his knowledge or proper oversight.

$11M - Personal Injury

Philadelphia Verdict for a man who was shot and catastrophically injured by a teenager who was permitted to escape from a Devereux Foundation behavioral rehabilitation center. (Devereux)

$11M - Child Abuse

Verdict against a child placement agency and adoptive parents of a girl who was physically and sexually abused in the home.  

$10.5M - Wrongful Death

Settlement for the family of a Philadelphia teenager killed when staff at a treatment center put him into a restraint hold. (Leach)

$10.19M - Whistleblower

Settlement in a case alleging fraudulent practices against a New York-based company in the sale of prescription medications to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

$10.1M - Medical Malpractice

Verdict against Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for a baby late diagnosed with meningitis, resulting in permanent brain damage. (Tillery

$10M - Workplace Injury

 Settlement for a young man who was killed at work when a truck he was working on rolled over onto him.

$10M - Product Liability

Settlement with manufacturer in a case in which a school lunch table collapsed and killed a kindergarten student. (Cozzolino)

$10M - Medical Malpractice

New Jersey jury verdict involving boy who suffered brain damage due to allergic reaction to peanuts. (Varghese)

$9.5M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Failure to diagnose sodium levels results in pediatric stroke in a nine-month-old child.

$9.5M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Patient with abdominal and arm pain dies of heart attack while waiting in ER.


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