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General Doctor/Hospital Error

The Bates Case
Boy suffers brain damage in tonsil/adenoid surgery
Settlement of $6.2 million reached for injured Allentown youth

The Caruso Case
Misplaced breathing tube results in brain damage
A jury awarded David Caruso $49 million, a Pa. record

The Dupon Case
Woman suffers stroke after carotid artery surgery
A Philadelphia jury handed down a $15 million verdict

The Ebel Case
Doctor dies as result of care by friends, colleagues
Cautious care plan was inadequate, Jury found tennis pal mostly at fault

The Gallagher Case
Clogged airway brain damages college student
Nurses said they didn't hear alarm, a Jury awarded $20 million

The Grolimund Case
Errors leave woman with little sense of taste, smell
Woman awarded $3 million by Philadelphia jury

The Gulick Case
Baby death case profiled on Fox News

The Hook Case
Perforated bowel, late diagnosis result in woman’s death
Family awarded nearly $2.7 million by Lackawanna County jury

The Keen Case
Waiting, lack of consult necessitates heart transplant
A jury awarded $18.5 million for six-year-old girl

The Kern Case
Errors after car accident result in woman's paralysis
School custodian got a substantial settlement, financial plan

The Lee Case
Jury awards $20 million to blind child
Verdict is among the largest ever in Montgomery County

The Lloyd Case
Terminal cancer patient dies due to errors
Substantial settlement paid to patient who had only months to live

The McDowell Case
Woman, lacking oxygen, brain damaged at hospital
Doctors failed to intubate the patient, lawsuit settled for $6.5 million

The Philips Case
Radiation leaves patient unable to walk, talk
Suit charged "human experiment" caused man's brain damage

The Ryan Case
Penn student dies after wrong diagnosis
Anne Ryan was told she had a virus, not meningitis

The Sensi Case
Surgical mistakes during heart surgery result in death
A Scranton jury awarded $700,000 to Moosic family

The Sparber Case
Patient accosted in hospital, suffers nerve damage
A jury returned Delaware-record $19.9 million verdict vs. hospital

The Spraggans Case
Misplaced catheter results in stroke, death for patient
Jurors awarded $2 million despite patient's age, end-stage renal illness

The West Case
Man left paralyzed after X-ray allegedly misread
Pictures taken in Pa. hospital, reviewed by radiologist in India

Cancer Cases/Missed Diagnoses

The Brotsker Case
Late cancer diagnosis led to surgeries, future risk
New Jersey jury awarded woman $1.8 million

The Denning Case
Failure to test allows patient's cancer to spread
Jury awarded $2.8 million to man facing future recurrence

The Kelley Case
Man hurt by late cancer diagnosis
Case involves doctor's use of "white-out" in medical record

The Labricciosa Case
Doctor liable in brother's death
Delco jury awarded $8.25 million in missed colon cancer case

The Lackman Case
Negligence found in breast cancer case
A Montco jury decided that missed diagnosis led to woman's death

The Little Case
Settlement reached in death of ex-champ
Suit alleged missed diagnosis killed Steve "Lightning" Little

The Welteroth Case
Record $33.1 million verdict in breast cancer case
Lehigh County jury found doctor, lab liable in woman's death

Birth/Infant Injuries

The Borkowski Case
Big award for injured baby with Down Syndrome
A jury awarded $15 million to baby hurt by surgery error

The Briggs Case
Boy suffers cerebral palsy due to birth errors
Allegheny jury awarded largest med-mal verdict in county history

The Chichy Case
Delivery delay causes infant's cerebral palsy
A jury awarded $6 million, largest ever for Indiana county

The Diehl Case
Woman dies after giving birth
Drug administration is blamed, case settled

The Donnelly Case
Doctor, hospital admit fault in baby's death
Settlement of $6.6 million negotiated, made public

The Gomez Case
NJ woman brain damaged after giving birth
Blood arrived too late for transfusion, Jury awarded $22 million

The Gulick Case
Settlement reached in baby death case
NJ couple's son died days after birth

The Sears Case
Surgery error leaves child brain damaged
Philadelphia jury awarded $15.2 million for mistake at CHOP

The Vlasny Case
Record $100 million awarded for brain damaged baby
Four doctors and two hospitals were deemed liable


The Covenko Case
Routine rhinoplasty ends in death
Settlement reached in case against anesthesiologist


The Matteo Case
Bleeding goes unchecked after egg retrieval
Woman dies despite husband's efforts, Jury awarded $25 million

Gastric Bypass

The Suarez Case
Woman dies after gastric bypass surgery
A post-surgical leak led to infection, cardiac arrest

Medication Errors

The McAlister Case
Baby suffers brain damage in hospital
The child was allegedly given the wrong prescription

Plastic Surgery

The Covenko Case
Routine rhinoplasty ends in death
Settlement reached in case against anesthesiologist

Wrong Site Surgery

The McClure Case
Woman dies after wrong side of colon is removed
Confidential settlement reached three years after her 1999 death