If you happen to spot a mole or other growth on your skin, don’t ignore it. It could be melanoma, one of the most common forms of cancer, with 65,000 new cases diagnosed nationally each year.

Fortunately, skin cancer, when caught early, can be successfully treated before it can spread to other parts of the body. But when a medical error results in melanoma left untreated, the result can be tragic. Skin cancer results in 9,000 fatalities annually.

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What causes melanoma?

Too much exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun and other sources, such as tanning beds, can cause skin cancer. While melanomas can develop anywhere on the body, they are most likely to occur on those areas that have been exposed to UV rays, such as legs, arms, the back and face.

Serious skin cancer cases are on the rise, with the rate of new cases doubling since the 1980s.

Signs and treatment

You can generally spot melanoma as a change in an existing mole or development of a new dark spot on your skin.  The spot may also feel itchy, bleed or ulcerate.

A dermatologist can often notice a melanoma through a head-to-toe visual inspection. Once a suspected melanoma is noted, a follow-up biopsy can determine if the growth is cancerous. Suspected skin cancers can be removed. Treated early, melanomas are highly treatable; left untreated, they can be deadly.

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