“Professional and personalized… trustworthy team”
“I want to express my sincere gratitude for the work you've done for the victims of the Amtrak derailment on May 12th, 2015. I want to thank you for your professional and personalized approach in dealing with me and my inquiries. While a settlement was the result, I feel that the process of receiving information, being able to follow the case and knowing that I was working with a trustworthy team was the most valuable realization from this experience. This process has helped me understand the events of that night, gain closure and has gotten me closer to who I was on May 11th, 2015.”
-W. Vallen Graham
One victim of the Amtrak 188 derailment in which eight people were killed and more than 200 were injured.
“There for my family”
"The team at Kline & Specter were there for my family from the beginning to the end. Thank you Shanin for never wavering and making sure those responsible were held accountable to the very end. Thank you Kila and Dominic for your friendship and compassion and for all the support you showed my family. Thank you all for fighting for Carrie. You were her voice! The girls and I will be forever grateful to all of you.”
-Mike Goretzka (pictured right) of suburban Pittsburgh
His wife, Carrie, was killed by a fallen power line outside the family's suburban Pittsburgh home. The case, tried by Shanin Specter, Kila Baldwin and Dominic Guerrini, resulted in a $109 million jury verdict and a subsequent settlement of $105 million.
"AMAZING … truly remarkable!"
"I want to thank you and your team for the AMAZING work you did on his case! Your support, advice, guidance and presence were paramount in helping Philippe and the family go through this difficult time … Your advocacy in these unwarranted police shootings and excessive violence plague is truly remarkable! I commend your tenacity! Getting a record settlement with the city of Philadelphia is groundbreaking and sends a message I hope will be heard LOUD and CLEAR!"
-Odette Shirley, mother of Philippe Holland
From a letter to Tom Kline from Odette Shirley, mother of Philippe Holland, a college student who was gunned down by police after making a food delivery in West Philadelphia. The case ended in a $4.4 million settlement and a revamping of regulations and training for city plainclothes police officers.
“Compassionate and real”
“After being rejected by several other prominent law firms, Tom Kline took our case, telling us that he was ‘all in’ and that he would fight for us to make sure the parties responsible for our loss would be held accountable. Tom is a compassionate and real human being who felt our pain and was able to convey the depth of that pain and our hardships to the jury. When you lose a loved one, there is no “victory” in court, but with the persistence of Tom Kline and his staff, we were vindicated. Those responsible were, indeed, held accountable.”
-Tony Matteo of Ambler, Pa.
$25 million verdict in a case in which his wife died following an in-vitro procedure
“Utterly spectacular”
“Shanin Specter dedicated 10 years to our case. I’ve never had anybody who had the commitment he had toward our case. To this day I still have the utmost respect for Shanin and the staff. They were utterly spectacular.”
-Jimmie White of Elko, Nev.
His young son was killed by a Ford truck with a defective parking brake. The case went to a $153 million verdict, a $52 million punitive damages jury award on retrial and ultimately a confidential settlement.
“Fought feverishly”
“I had the best experienced legal team imaginable. They were patient and understanding throughout the whole ordeal. They knew how sensitive I was concerning the care of my brain-injured child and fought feverishly to win my case. It was a long battle and we were victorious!”
-Ebony Harris of Philadelphia
$42.9 million jury verdict in a case in which her child suffered cognitive and physical impairments as a result of a birth injury. The case was handled by Tom Kline and Regan Safier.
“An amazing job”
“No one else could have done this. I wasn’t expecting this at all – it was a really, really big verdict. They did an amazing job, all three of them. It helped my family a lot, not only in a financial way but also with closure.”
-Trachelle Brown (pictured second from left) of Philadelphia
Daughter of LaTonya Brown, who was killed by a former fellow employee at the Kraft Foods plant in Northeast Philadelphia. Shanin Specter, Dominic Guerrini and Patrick Fitzgerald obtained $46.5 million in total compensatory and punitive damages over two trials in 2015 for the Browns and the family of Tanya Wilson, also killed in the 2010 incident.
"Savvy... skilled ... wise"
“When my sister died, I was consumed with wanting to do right by her, especially if her death could have been prevented but for someone's negligence. Enter Tom Kline. Tom was savvy enough to handle roving reporters, skilled enough to manage complex litigation and wise enough to know how to deal with a grieving family with care.”
-Gail Ramsey
Gail Ramsey's sister, DeAnn White, was one of three women killed in the Pier 34 collapse in May of 2000. The case resulted in a $29 million settlement.
"They were phenomenal! I can't say enough nice things about everyone on the team from top to bottom. It was just the most professional group of people I have ever seen."
-Sharon Carlino of Toms River, N.J.
Case against Johnson & Johnson over a defective transvaginal mesh product resulted in a $13.5 million verdict
“The best lawyer”
“Dear Tom, you will always be in my heart … I believe you are the best lawyer I could have ever been lucky enough to get. The love and support I felt from the whole team got me through this … Keep fighting for those out there who have been hurt. You're a fine man and a great lawyer. I feel blessed to have met you.”
-Benita Pledger of Thorsby, Ala.
$2.5 million verdict. From a letter written by the mother of a client who developed male breasts (gynecomastia) after using Risperdal
“Helped me when I did not know who I could trust”
"The legal team at Kline & Specter helped me when I did not know who I could trust or who I could turn to. I appreciate that they took my case and assisted me in the legal arena in which I found myself as a relator/whistleblower.”
-Jacqueline Bloink of Tucson, Ariz.
$35 million settlement with a nearly $6 million reward for a whistleblower in a case involving fraud against a healthcare system
“Above and beyond”
“Working with Dom [Guerrini and his staff] Kat and Angela was truly a blessing. Their care and concern went above and beyond with us. And I'm sure we drove them a little crazy with all the questions we had. But they took time with us and made us feel comfortable and gave us peace of mind in handling our case. We're always recommending the Kline & Specter firm to people. It was a great experience.”
-Tom Romano of Warminster, Pa.
$7.8 million settlement for his daughter, a 15 year old who suffered amputations following a car accident
“Forever grateful”
“Tom, please always remember that because of you we are able to spend every day with Johnathan. We were able to take him to any doctor anywhere. Had the money to take the very best care of him. We are forever grateful. When having a bad day, know that and feel proud.”
-Linda McAlister of Martinsville, Va.
From a letter following a confidential settlement for her baby who was rendered an invalid because of a hospital medication error.
“Responsive and understanding”
“My experience with Kline and Specter was exceptionally good—considering that the situation my husband and I faced was life-changing and terrible. I was especially appreciative of the way that the firm staff, as well as the lawyers we worked with, were both responsive and understanding of the emotional turmoil that comes with serious personal injury … I will always be grateful for the excellent representation that Shanin Specter, Gary Zakeosian and the rest of the legal team provided to us.”
-Linda Moore of Wyncote, Pa.
Confidential settlement in paralysis to her husband Acel resulting from e. coli infection following spinal fusion.
“Wonderful trial lawyer”
“Our child was born with a birth defect. After some research we determined that the cause of the defect may have been caused by a bad drug. My wife and I interviewed several attorneys. We chose Tom Kline to represent our child. We could not have had a better advocate for our child. Tom was a warm, caring person and a wonderful trial lawyer. Highly recommended.”
-Fred Blum of Huntingdon Valley, Pa.
Tom Kline won a $19.2 million verdict in this Bendectin pharmaceutical case, though the award was later overturned by the appellate courts.
"Made me feel as though I was your only case"
“The patience and time spent with each call made me feel as though I was your only case … I am sure my case was not one of your biggest cases, but it was very big to me. Never did I dream my case would have the outcome it did.”
-Barbara Blaukamp
From an October 2017 letter to Lee Balefsky, head of the Mass Tort Department
“Like … a member of my family”
“My family and I were so comforted by everyone at Kline and Specter, it felt like the firm was a member of my family, and because of their compassion and tenacious work on this medical malpractice case, including the tremendous result achieved in my father's honor, my family considers attorneys Regan Safier and Tom Kline a member of our family for life...”
-Timothy Strange of Philadelphia
Confidential settlement for family of elderly man who died from lung cancer due to medical negligence
“The only firm to use”
“Andy Stern and Dr. Barry Magen were phenomenal! As were their office staff. They answered my phone calls and emails extremely fast, and kept us notified of how our case was faring. We were not just a client to them, they really cared about us! I cannot say enough great things about them. They fought hard for me, and my settlement was a dream come true! This firm is the only firm to use.”
-Valerie Toms of Bradley Beach, N.J.
Confidential settlement for a patient left permanently disabled after bariatric surgery
“We would want no other firm”
“Our experience with the firm during a most difficult time for us was excellent! There is simply no other way to describe it. Our attorneys were Michael Trunk and Dr. Gary Zakeosian and they treated us in a most caring and respectful manner in all aspects of our case. They were the epitome of professionalism both in and out of the courtroom. They were completely prepared during each phase of the process. No matter what the opposition put forth they were able to counter with skill and knowledge. We would want no other firm to represent us in a medical malpractice case.”
-Carol McGinley of Cochranville, Pa.
$805,000 verdict in a medical negligence case
“A Godsend … dogged determination”
“Andy Stern and his team were a Godsend to me. The time and attention to detail spent on my case were second to none. They never gave up! I will never forget their kindness, their availability and their dogged determination which really paid off in the end!”
-Linda Barson-Keiher of Medford, N.J.
$1.2 million settlement for a woman hit by an Ocean City, N.J. Sanitation Department vehicle