As Vioxx became widely used, patient problems began to become more prevalent, including serious heart ailments. One source for the discovery was a study sponsored by Merck & Co., the maker of Vioxx.

Vioxx and Cardiovascular Events

Merck sought to confirm the relative gastrointestinal benefits of Vioxx compared to another painkiller called Naproxen. Although the study concluded that patients who took Vioxx had fewer ulcers and other stomach ailments, it also indicated that those who took Vioxx were more likely to experience serious cardiovascular events.

In Vioxx test groups of more than 4,000 patients, Vioxx users suffered 101 serious cardiovascular events whereas only 46 Naproxen users did.

Medical journals later reported that the use of Vioxx may increase a patient’s risk of heart attack plus stroke and kidney failure. Questions also have been raised about whether the drugs are effective in treating pain.

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