Before hiring an attorney, there are important questions to ask any law firm. How many lawyers do they have? Are some of their attorneys also physicians? What are their biggest recent jury verdicts?

It’s important to know, especially in cases that may be complex, such as those involving Vioxx. So don’t be afraid to ask. Then compare Kline & Specter with any other firm in the country. If you’d like, use the checklist below and ask other law firms if they can provide what Kline & Specter can.

Compare & Contrast

Kline & Specter

Other Firms

More than 35 highly qualified and experienced attorneys.
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A Mass Tort Department with lawyers
experienced in pharmaceutical litigation.
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Among the best lawyers in America, as decided by various independent groups.
(See Super Lawyers 2008, Best Lawyers in America)

A doctor/lawyer team with decades
of top-notch medical experience.
(See Doctor/Lawyer Team)

A phenomenal record in winning
large settlements and jury verdicts.
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