How one tragedy spurred a life-saving public safety shift

Some law firms get their clients reasonable compensation for a personal injury. But not all lawyers are mindful of the broader social impact in the form of policy changes, product improvements, infrastructure repairs or medical device advanced that can result from their work.

How serious is a burn injury?

Fire and burn injuriesA burn is an injury to the skin caused by heat, fire, explosions, electrocution, chemicals or radiation exposure. Minor burns usually heal without any problems, while more severe burns can lead to permanent damage to tissues, bones, tendons, muscles and nerves.

Trinity Industry’s Highway Guardrail sales suspended after whistleblower trial

Trinity Industries, an industrial manufacturing company based in Dallas, has halted shipments of its ET-Plus highway guardrail system following reports of deaths and injuries over allegedly faulty design changes. A federal whistleblower recently charged Trinity with changing the design of its guardrail system without informing regulators until several years later. The whistleblower case led to a $175 million jury verdict that could be tripled by a federal judge. The design change was made to the end caps of the guardrail system.

Takata embroiled over airbag safety concerns

The Takata Corp., a Japanese auto safety manufacturer, is caught in an escalating recall crisis that involves millions of automobiles and at least 10 different automobile makers in the United States. Takata’s airbags have so far been linked to five deaths that occurred when the airbags exploded upon inflation, propelling metal shrapnel-like shards.

Honda settles seat belt suit for $55 Million

A Pennsylvania man who was paralyzed in a rollover accident, has won a $55 million  settlement against Honda on the claim that a faulty seat belt resulted in a severe injuries suffered in an accident.

Martinez was driving an Acura Integra when a blowout sent his car out of control and caused it to roll over. Martinez was wearing his seat belt, but he claimed it failed to keep his head from slamming into the roof of the car. The impact caused paralysis, according to his lawsuit.

The absurdity of personal injury caps - Oregon case provides one example

A recent case in Oregon shows just how absurd caps on personal injury verdicts can be. The case in which a jury returned a unanimous $12 million verdict involved a nine-month-old boy who underwent liver surgery at Oregon Health and Science University in 2009. During the procedure the surgeon cut vessels on the left side of the infant’s liver, causing severe damage that nearly killed the child and caused him to undergo seven more major surgeries, including a liver transplant.

Inspection reports of Pennsylvania amusement parks, water parks and attractions to become more user-friendly when looking for information about ride accidents, injuries and safety data

Inspection reports on Pennsylvania amusement parks and carnival rides will have a more user-friendly database before the start of next year's carnival season, vows Michael Pechart, executive deputy secretary of the state Agricultural Department. According to news reports, amusement park visitors will, hopefully by Spring 2014, be able to go online and access inspection reports on amusement park and carnival ride attractions in the state of Pennsylvania.

Hachette Books recalls more than 70,000 children’s books

Two children’s books titled “Count My Kisses, 1, 2, 3” and “Red, Green, Blue, I Love” You recently were recalled due to the potential harm they could cause to small children. The Hachette Book Group, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, issued the recall of 70,000 of these books.

Wheelchair lift error nets settlement

  An elderly Washington state woman was seriously injured when a shuttle driver pushed her wheelchair out a back door before the wheelchair lift had been opened and set in place. Labeeba Alim fell to the ground and an employee fell on top of her, according to a news report of the case. She suffered bleeding inside her head and part of her skull had to be removed to reduce swelling. Now the 81-year-old woman is bedridden and is forced to receive nourishment through a feeding tube.