You entrust others with your welfare when you ride a commercial bus or put your children on a school bus. But serious accidents involving buses do occur, such as the recent crash involving a tractor trailer and a bus on I-64 in Virginia in which at least 24 people were injured. The early morning accident left the bus resting on its side against a guardrail on the highway about 25 miles west of Charlottesville. (Learn more)

At Kline & Specter, PC, our skilled bus accident attorneys can help you determine the cause and fault after an accident, and get justice for you and your family.

If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one in a bus accident, please email Kline & Specter today or call 800-243-1100 to schedule a free case evaluation with our skilled legal team, several of whom are accomplished physician-attorneys. Our lawyers represent bus accident victims nationwide.

Bus Accident Lawsuit Results

With numerous significant verdicts and settlements, Kline & Specter attorneys are widely recognized among the country’s preeminent accident litigators.

Here is a selection of the important bus accident lawsuits handled by our lawyers:

Bus Accident Case Study No. 1: The firm won a $14 million verdict for a Pennsylvania student who lost her leg after she was struck by a school bus outside of her high school.

Bus Accident Case Study No. 2: Kline & Specter filed suit in what was believed to be  which killed four people and injured two dozen more outside Syracuse, N.Y. The case ended with a confidential settlement for a young woman who suffered head, neck and back injuries.

Bus Accident Case Study No. 3: Founding partner Tom Kline represented victims a the bus crash in which 35 people were injured when the vehicle filled with high school students slid into a bridge overpass near Boston.

Bus Accident Case Study No. 4: Founding partner Shanin Specter was involved in litigation against a bus company on behalf of Seton Hill University lacrosse players who were injured in a March 2013 accident that also killed their coach, Kristina Quigley, her unborn child, and the driver.

Bus Accident Case Study No. 5: Shanin Specter and Regan Safier won a $4.3 million verdict for a college freshman who was run over by a bus while crossing the street on the University of Pittsburgh campus. The accident severed his foot and required the student to undergo multiple surgeries.

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Your Bus Accident Lawsuit

Bus accidents may only account for a fraction of the serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents that occur each year on American roads. But these tragedies have far-reaching consequences.

In many bus accidents, operator error is the primary culprit; those driver mistakes happen due to inexperience, fatigue or inattention. In other cases, bus accidents are caused by faulty parts or by other vehicles, such was the case on Aug. 30, 2018 when at least eight people were killed and dozens injured after a truck blew a tire, causing it to go out of control and cross a median, colliding with a Greyhound bus. And in other cases, such as the Virginia crash, the accident was evidently the fault of a tractor trailer driver who lost control of his vehicle.

Our bus accident attorneys will thoroughly investigate the facts of your case to determine the parties truly responsible, and ensure full financial compensation for you and other victims.

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