Malpractice can and does occur in the medical field of fertility, especially now that more couples are marrying at an older age and waiting longer to try to have children, often necessitating the help of a fertility specialist.

Mistakes in fertility practices can take many forms, including injuries to women hoping to get pregnant. In one highly publicized case, a 37-year-old woman died after doctors failed to control bleeding following an otherwise routine egg retrieval procedure. The case resulted in a $25 million jury verdict obtained by attorney Tom Kline. (See The Matteo Case) It was also the subject of a book titled Dying to Have a Baby.

Other cases involve lesser injuries to women hoping to give birth and also injuries to children during the birthing process. (See Birth Injuries.) And still some involve not physical injuries but mixups in various fertilization procedures, such as the use of embryos in the wrong patient or the unintended destruction of viable embryos.

One well-known California lawsuit brought a $1 million settlement for a woman who was implanted with another couple’s embryo.

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