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Many Kline & Specter cases have resulted not only in large monetary resolutions but also in changes that benefited thousands if not millions of citizens. (See examples)

The following are some of the larger publicly disclosed settlements and verdicts obtained by Kline & Specter attorneys. The list does not account for innumerable major settlements which are confidential nor for scores of other Kline & Specter seven-figure settlements and verdicts.

$9.5M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Failure to diagnose seizure disorder in baby results in brain injury.

$9.2M - Workplace Injury

Verdict in 2019 for a Reading sanitation worker whose leg was amputated in a screw conveyor at a meat processing plant. 

$9M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Delay in C-section for fetal distress causes asphyxia and brain injury.

$8.75M - Wrongful Death

Pittsburgh jury verdict for family of tow truck operator killed when Ford parking brake failed. (Blumer)

$8.5M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Delay in delivery results fetal distress, cerebral atrophy and other injuries.

$8.2M - Medical Malpractice

Delaware County verdict for missed cancer diagnosis. (Labricciosa)

$8M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Forceps delivery of premature baby causes skull fractures, cerebral palsy.

$8M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Infant delivered via C-section suffers seizures, cerebral palsy.

$8M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Mistreated infection after childbirth causes sepsis and mother's death.

$8M - Workplace Injury

Settlement in Philadelphia workplace death case (Green)

$8M - Brain Injury

Settlement: Injured teenager brain damaged due to excessive anesthetic and morphine.

$8M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Mistreated infection after childbirth causes sepsis and mother's death.

$7.9M - Brain Injury

Settlement: Missed diagnosis of meningitis results in severe brain damage.

$7.9M - Workplace Injury

Allegheny County verdict for worker hurt in fall.

$7.8M - Birth Injury

Allegheny County record med-mal verdict for childbirth injury. (Briggs)

$7.75M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Delay in diagnosis and treatment of ruptured spleen results in death.

$7.5M - Brain Injury

Settlement with La Salle University for brain injured football player. (Plevretes)

$7.5M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Botched resuscitation after birth results in quadriplegia and cognitive deficits.

$7.5M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Pre-birth malpractice leads to infant's severe mental and physical disabilities.

$7.5M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Death of patient who suffered perforation and bleeding during sinus surgery.

$7.4M - Medical Malpractice

Delaware County verdict in missed diagnosis case for stroke victim. (Cuff)

$7.25M - Birth Injury

Child is injured at birth in central Pennsylvania

$7M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Baby suffers brain damage when skull is crushed in forceps/vacuum delivery.

$7M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Woman paralyzed due to medical errors in treatment following car accident.

$7M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Woman dies after giving birth due to bleeding and fluid management issues.

$7M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Injuries sustained in delay in delivery and later failure to timely intubate baby.

$6.9M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Paraplegic injuries to 11-year old girl following spinal surgery.

$6.8M - Product Liability

Luzerne County verdict vs. motorcycle helmet manufacturer. (Wandel)

$6.8M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Misplaced tube causes child's intra-operative cardiac arrest, severe injuries.

$6.6M - Wrongful Death

Philadelphia jury verdict in boy’s drowning death at camp. (Slaughter)

$6.6M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement with doctor, hospital in death of 16-month-old. (Donnelly)

$6.5M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Injuries to infant due to inadequate monitoring of mother after car accident.

$6.5M - Workplace Injury

Philadelphia jury verdict for injured worker. (Vassallo)

$6.5M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Delay in delivery results in severe brain damage, cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

$6.5M - Brain Injury

Settlement for woman brain damaged by hospital error. (McDowell)

$6.5M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Patient not advised of test result showing heart defect dies of heart attack.

$6.5M - Brain Injury

Settlement: Brain injury in failure to properly monitor and treat Guillian-Barre syndrome.

$6.4M - Medical Malpractice

Settlement: Misplaced IV moves air embolis into child’s lungs, causing cardiac arrest

$6.4M - Birth Injury

Settlement: Delay in birth delivery results in ischemic encephalopathy.

$6.4M - Brain Injury

Settlement: Brain damage suffered as a result of poor care during labor and delivery.


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